Brian Kane


Brian Kane has been the Producer for Doug McIntyre's Red Eye Radio since its inaugural flight as a syndicated show.

A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma Brian lives in Dallas with a 12 year old cat named “Kitty”, in a house full of electronics equipment, audio gear, motion activated water faucets and, of course, a robotic cat litter box.

brainAs the Producer of the network show, he's responsible for planning and recommending topics, researching and booking newsmakers, reporters and news analysts.  

Brian Kane is a gifted audio engineer with exceptional technical skills, including the patience to explain the digital world to Doug who is practically a Luddite. He gathers and edits all the audio heard on a Red Eye flight, creates station promos, updates Red Eye’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, and posts the popular Red Eye Music Playlists.  

Brian came to Red Eye Radio after a successful producing and on-air career, including hosting the nightly live nationwide Love Notes, Requests and Dedications showheard on nearly 200 stations throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean.  

Brian produced Texas Overnight with Charley Jones for the Texas State Networks, and has spent time at Dallas based KTCK, KLIF, KPLX, and in Tulsa at KAYI and KELI.

A pioneer in new media, Brian has developed websites and portals for broadcast organizations, and is currently launching texting information services including